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Watford FC Bitcoin signs. even though I'm a Newcastel fan

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: TIL the Looney Toons Golden Collection DVDs have a disclaimer at the beginning given by Whoopi Goldberg explaining that the cartoons are a product of their time and contain ethnic stereotypes that hav /r/todayilearned

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After 3 seasons Fan Theory
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Fan Theory: The bad place is the real good place.
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Could Ray have reformed the first order?
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Why was it lauded to rip through a nice town just because it was built with war money?
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Low income property tax exemption
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Help! How do I clear up 38GB of system data without rooting?
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An old Bitcoin is almost worth 10k!
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[H] Toon smoke [W] any explosion
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Free packs for new players
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First time legendary.. in only 5 days!
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Building my first rig. Just ordered the parts.
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A brand new trading platform where you are in control your currency stays in your own wallet
✅ 100s of high probable trades per day!
🔥 Around the clock...7 days a week!
✅ Get trade notifications through an app!
🔥 The ease to execute the crypto trade with just 1 CLICK on your phone! (easy and credible)
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🔥No chart YOU can trade on the go!
✅ You keep 100% of the profits!
🔥Only $99 per monthly subscription for unlimited trades! But you can cancel if no pressure.
✅ Has a stress free fun (optional) referral program! YES...Instant commissions and notifications are so much FUN to see coming in!
🔥70% of the $99 is paid to the field as commissions! That’s very generous and so rare! Thus...all of these very desirable features make it SO EASY to SHARE!
✅ Fully international!
🔥Commissions are paid out in real-time!
AND commissions are paid in Bitcoin DIRECTLY into your own crypto wallet of choice...and for those where the cash app is available...a cash app wallet which is super easy to work can instantly exchange your bitcoin referral earnings for cash...and then use your debit card to access those funds if needed! So no intimidation for newbies on how to access a cash exchange for your bitcoin earnings.
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A story from a cloaky camper and an attempt to build a beast mode multi-boxing server.

Hello Nerds!
Some of you may know me, some may not. Those that do will know I offer cloaky camping services over new eden. I do camping contracts / extort renters and focus my time hunting botters when the contracts are quiet. I offer PvP entities access to my cyno network to get dank kills and big escalations. From super carriers to Rattlesnakes.
The thing that got me into camping was hunting bots back in the dronelands a few years ago. I realised the most effective way to hurt them was to camp them 23/7, follow them around using locator agents. Eventually they had to rat with me in system. When they did I setup bubble traps etc and dropped blops and cleaned them up.
The 2nd thing I love about cloaky camping is the ability to counter Alliances (i feel its overpowered) intel channels / networks. Think about it. They have multiple intel toons dotted around the entrances to their pipes reporting hunters coming into the pipe allowing the PvE players to warp off and safe up. They even use external programs to collect this intel and give audible alerts. Cloaky camping is just the polar opposite. Dotting toons in their ratting pocket and giving me intel on whats going on in their system. As long as local chat exists so will cloaky camping. I'm pretty confident CCP share the same thought.
People probably think cloaky camping is easy. You are wrong. The prep work and behind the scenes work that goes into it is pretty immense. You are about to find out.
The hardware i'm currently running the 60 clients on is as follows:
Camper1: Screenshot of 30 Clients Layout
How do you pay for 60 toons
I started with 10 campers and made ISK by other means. When I made new campers I invested ISK and started to Skill extract and plexing the toons. I also make a decent amount from people who pay me to camp others.
The Setup  
I manage the clients window positions and CPU allocation with ISBOXER. Its legal to use as long as you don't use input broadcasting. I boot up the clients with ISBOXER EVE Launcher. I copy the window positions / chat channels etc over using garpaui. I use remote desktop to manage the clients light cynos etc.
Example here
On both motherboards I had to under clock the processors as they were drawing too much power from the motherboard and causing the chipset to overheat. I think these motherboards are not beefy enough to support these 8 core processors. It caused the CPU to throttle reducing the clock speeds to 1.3Ghz and causing lag issues. I solved this problem by reducing the clock speed from 4Ghz to 3.6Ghz and reducing the CPU voltage. This reduced the heat by a really good amount and stopped the problems.
However, Me being me I wanted to expand and the camping pcs were running at full chat. So I needed a better piece of hardware to host these 60+ clients. So, while at Fanfest, I bidded on this R820 Server on ebay and won!
The hardware should be able to support multiple clients. However i'm not too sure how eve is going to behave when I try and open 60 instances all in one OS. I have set myself up for a hell of a challenge! However, I feel like I got a pretty good deal on the server and DELL hold their value. I'm sure I can re sell it if the project fails.
Things to work out:
Things I will teach you guys
I'm learning too so your help input would be awesome! First question. Shall I just update this reddit post each time or create some sort of blog?
Old AMD FX Rigs
New Kit / with various bits I gathered to get started
Update 23/04/18
I have made some decent progress on this crazy project. I will give some breif updates here. I will get a blog up and running to post full details with how to's etc. Its probably way to long for reddit.
I have successfully installed some GPU's into the R810 AMD R9 280x and Nvidia GTX 970. I soldered some PCI-E cables to the PDB and it worked fine. The GTX sits nicely in the chassis however, the R9 280X is external atm using a PCIE x1 to x16 riser (from my bitcoin mining). Also I have managed to enable and use them both with passthrough in ESXI 6.5. Yes the GPU works with a x1 adaptor. WTF!
Freezing Problem with a single os install
If I try and run more than 40 clients in a single OS I the system freezes when loading up client 41. I have tried the following:
I cannot see why it is freezing. Is there any way to gather logs for the client? It doesn't appear to be a resource problem. Plenty of RAM / CPU and HDD isn't going crazy.
Here are some pics of the current progress:
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Ixinium bied transaksies in sekondes, ondersteun deur 100% versekerde werklike bates. Ixinium sal jou mark verander. terwyl Ixinium ‘n kliëntbeskermingsmeganisme het wat beter is as enige bank ter wêreld, bied Ixinium se gebruik van cryptocurrency ook waardevoordele vir alle gebruikers, terwyl volle waarde verseker word. Die agtergrond van Ixinium se visie is gebaseer op meer as 4 jaar van navorsing. In hierdie studie is die hoof fokus om die “hoekom” -vraag te vind rakende kliëntbeleggingsekuriteit, deursigtigheid vir kliënte, kliëntebeskerming en batewaarde struktuur agter die werklike produk.
Hierdie studies toon aan dat in baie gevalle die woorde deursigtig en die sekuriteit van die kliënt se belegging ten volle gestel of nie eens dringend is nie. Na ‘n paar probleme het die Ixinium-projek begin om ‘n basiese struktuur te hê, wat van die mark ontbreek en hoe dit gewerk het.
Ixinium ICO word verkoop, 100% van die fondse word gebruik vir edelmetale om die prys van Ixinium XXA te ondersteun. Ixinium, Hybrid Crypto-Financial, terwyl Ixinium ‘n kliënt beskerming beskerming meganisme wat beter is as enige bank in die wêreld kan bied, met behulp van Ixinium cryptocurrency skep ook waarde voordele vir alle gebruikers, terwyl die volle waarde verseker.
Ixinium ICO bied die aankoms van XXA skeppings aan deur “drukwerk” en ondersteunende munte van edelmetale. Ixinium gebruik die IXAT-bate-toevoer-token om die waarde van fisiese edelmetale na XXA-digitale munte oor te dra. Die waarde van IXAT is 1: 1 tot $ 1.00. Oor die projek Hierdie projek hou verband met die finansiële wêreld genaamd Ixinium.
Ixinium is ‘n kriptografiese baster wat gebruik maak van beter kliëntbatebeskerming wat deur enige bank ter wêreld aangebied word. Die gebruik van Ixinium Currency Crypto skep ook voordele vir alle versekerde gebruikers met volle waarde. Kwessies Alhoewel dit nie goedgekeur is nie, word elke vordering gekonfronteer met sy eie uitdagings, sonder om ten volle te stem oor hul voornemens. Of omgekeerd, watter funksies is effektief een of twee jaar gelede, is tans nie meer relevant nie.
Ixinium is die oplossing vir alle probleme
Cryptocurrency word ondersteun deur edelmetale, blokgoedkeurings en transaksies wat geoudit kan word. Ouditkunde fisiese metale wat deursigtigheid vir almal ondersteun, die struktuur en die mark van bates 24/7, verseker deur die waarde van Lloyd se gewilligheid uit Londen, maak Ixinium veiliger as enige bank in die wêreld. Ons kan sê dat Ixinium die oplossing is.
Ixinium is die uiteindelike oplossing vir alle probleme
Cryptocurrency word ondersteun deur edelmetale, deursigtigheid en transaksies wat ondersoek kan word. ‘N Volledig deursigtige fisiese metaaloudit om almal te bewys, 24/7 bate struktuur en Ixinium se markwaarde, gewaarborg deur Lloyd London se bereidwilligheid om Ixinium veiliger te maak as enige bank in die wêreld, kan ons sê dat Ixinium die oplossing is. Goed vir fisiese bates: die waarde van Ixinium (XXA) is ten volle voorbehou, in teenstelling met fiat- of fiat-geldeenhede gebaseer op die sogenaamde stabiele geldeenhede (USDT, TUSD, USDC, GUSD, ens.).
Token inligting
Ixiniumsymbool: XXA
Ruil 1 XXA = $ 6.6525
Begindatum: 1 Oktober 2019
Einddatum: 30 Desember 2019
Min aankoop: 0, 05BTC, 0.1ETH, 1000 XLM
Konstruksie werkers: $ 5,005,341,000
Aanvaarbaar: BTC, ETH, XLM
Token verspreiding
Ixinium Verkoop ICO, 100% van die fondse word gebruik vir edelmetale om die prys van Ixinium XXA te ondersteun
ICO 1 Ronde: 1 Oktober tot 2019
1 XXA = $ 6.6525, bonus 5% -25%
‘n totaal van 189,000,000 XXA
ICO 2 Ronde: 1-2019 November
1 XXA = $ 7,5395 <60% -15% bonus
‘n totaal van 324,000,000 XXA
ICO 3 Ronde: 1 Desember 2019
1 XXA = $ 8.4265 <85% – 5% bonus
ten bedrae van 459,000,000 XXA
Die belangrikste element van Ixinium is
‘N Waarde van 100% is gebaseer op fisiese edelmetale.
Alle edele metale word omskep en beskerm.
Gee die waarde van die daaglikse openbare bate rekening aan.
Gaan publieke kwartaallikse rekeninge van eksterne partye na.
Alle edelmetale word 100% gewaarborg vir vervangingswaarde.
Volle waarde wat beskerming bied vir volwasse kliënte.
Ixinium markprys
Spesifikasies van Ixinium cryptocurrency:
Maksimum aanbod XXA 540,000,000 100,00%
Die maatskappy (gesluit vir 5 jaar) SS 26460’000
By 4,9%, die omvang van 10,000,000,000 1,85%
800,000 minimum verkoopprys van 0.15%
Begin finansiering rondom 2,740,000 0,51%
Mark sirkulasie 500,000,000 92,59%
Ixinium-prys van $ 8.87 (ongeveer)
Ixinium bates, 100% edelmetaal koepels in goud, silwer, palladium en platinum.
Mynbou en verspreiding van CRYPTOCURRENCY IXINIUM
Ixinium ICO bied vordering met die maak van XXA deur “drukwerk” en ondersteunende munte gemaak met fisiek waardevolle metaalballe te maak. Ixinium gebruik IXAT bate-toetoekennings om die fisiese waarde van edelmetale na XXA-digitale munte oor te dra. Die waarde van IXAT is 1: 1 tot $ 1.00.
Wanneer Ixinium edelmetale koop, word dieselfde hoeveelheid IXAT-tokens gemaak en oorgedra onder eienaarskap van XXA, omdat die edelmetaal die USD-waarde is wat pas gekoop is. In die IXAT-produksiekode het IXAT slegs een adres waar dit oorgedra kan word, adres XXA. Na IXAT-transaksies word IXAT outomaties gesluit onder eienaarskap van XXA. Daar is geen ander transaksies in die toekoms wat slegs toelaat dat IXAT oorgedra word nie.
IXAT dien as ‘n bate-gebaseerde beleggingsportefeulje. Die oorspronklike XXA-funksie, soos deel van die portefeulje en portefeulje waarde, kom van bates wat deur die portefeulje besit word. Op hierdie manier bring Ixinium fisiese edelmetale in digitale vorm. Elke IXAT-batetransaksie kan van blokke, sowel as fisiese edele metale, geverifieer word. Batewaardes word op die Ixinium-webwerf vertoon, waar daaglikse edelmetale daagliks opgedateer word en die prys van edelmetale word elke 10 minute opgedateer.
Ixinium het ‘n terugkeerfunksie wat gebou is om die basisprys en markprys van Ixinium (XXA) te verhoog. 75% van die Ixinium XXA wisselkoers inkomste word gebruik om meer waardevolle metale te koop en om die waarde van die Ixinium-crypto-munt te verhoog. Aangesien Ixinium XXA-munte in beperkte hoeveelhede vervaardig word, sal veranderinge in die produkmark altyd toeneem, wat ‘n voorraadbalans vir edelmetale tot gevolg sal hê.
Voordele verkry uit IXINIUM
Lae onbestendigheid in teenstelling met die meeste cryptocurrency. Vestig prestasiemeganismes om basiese waardes en markte te verbeter. Verpak met edelmetale, nie net een reël met ander kriptokurrency-kodes nie. Finansiering paradys produkte van ‘n veilige mark. Buitengewone waarde verhoog die effekte van die aandelemark en wêreldwye onrus.
  1. Aanvaar oor die hele wêreld
Ixinium word oral in die wêreld aanvaar.
  1. Gedecentraliseerde geld
En XXA word ondersteun deur 100% van die versekerde bates.
  1. Veilige en gemaklik
Jy kan veilig in die selfoon- of webportefeulje XXA stoor.
  1. Risiko vir lae inflasie
En wanneer XXA tokens geskep word met behulp van die Stellar Blockchain, is daar ‘n risiko van lae inflasie. Maklike betaling.
En XXA betalings is net ‘n kliek weg.
2014 Die finansiële struktuurplan vir versekeringsprodukte is 100% finansieel
2015 Strukturele Studies vir bankinstrumente, banke en fiat-geldeenheidsteun.
2016 omgewing en konnektiwiteitsontwikkeling van Bitcoin en Ethereum.
2017 Die eerste tegniese Ixinium uitleg met fisiese bates in die Ethereum netwerk.
2018 | Voltooi die tegniese uitleg van Ixinium en begin die finansieringsronde in die Ethereum-netwerk.
2019 | Tokens vir bates en eindprodukte in die Stellar-netwerk. Amptelike webwerf. Pre-ICO en ICO fases.
2020-2021 LBMA lidmaatskap aansoek
My profiel:;u=2636509
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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 24 - 100 BILLION coins (MwaHaHa!)

Hey all, GoodShibe here!
So... yesterday was, uh, interesting. To say the least. In a good way! For those who don't know, I had a huge outpouring of support from some very generous tippers and now, yeah... I'm still kind of wrapping my head around it. Let's just say that I immediately made tracks over to find mumzie and give her 100K DOGE for all the incredible work she does around here. Seriously, if you haven't been to /dogeducation, you should check it out - especially if you're a new-shibe!
So today we're going to chat about a somewhat interesting topic - one that's going to have long ranging effects on Dogecoin as we move forward; especially since - time and time again - we're showing the world that our founding may have been a 'joke' but we've grown far beyond that.
However, and ummjackson and billyM2K please correct me if I'm wrong, because we weren't created as a 'serious' coin, there's one potential issue coming down the pipe -- that the devs have been debating, pretty much since it went live -- which will need to be addressed.
We were created with a promise, that there will only ever be 100 Billion Dogecoins. The idea was that we, like Bitcoin, would be a deflationary currency. What 'Deflationary' means is that, over time, coins would become more valuable simply because, over time, people would lose their coins -- passwords forgotten, harddrives not backed up, etc -- and that planned-for loss of coins circulating in the economy would help ensure the continued value and rise of the ones still in circulation.
With Dogecoin that was the plan -- and that's what a number of the first users/miners bought into. A sort of Bitcoin-lite with a much lower-value individual coin, but a much higher potential marketcap. The problem is that the way Dogecoin is released, 1 block per minute, it basically means that in around 1 year, a large majority of Dogecoins will have been mined.
And how do you sustain a network when you have no more coins to mine and no incentive for people to keep mining (burning electricity at cost to keep nodes running)? And when the entire life of your coin relies on having a strong, stable network, this becomes that sort of looming cloud on the horizon.
Unlike Bitcoin, our transaction fees are incredibly low and, due to the nature of Dogecoin, the amount we'd have to raise transaction fees to make it profitable for miners, long term, is an amount that would (barring a significant increase of value for Dogecoin) have a noticeable impact on end users (us).
And so the idea was put forward that, instead of becoming a Deflationary currency, we change that initial promise and become an Inflationary currency.
What that means is that, like the USD and other common currencies, Dogecoin would add a stable number of coins each year to the market, enough to be an incentive for miners to continue mining and maintain our network. We wouldn't be a FIAT currency, per se - whereas 'fiat' means we would, like the USD, make more money 'on demand' (by 'fiat') the idea would be, instead, to put in place a long term inflation plan that lead to a stable number of coins being added over a very long period of time (100+years). The idea being that this would buy us all a very, very long time to see how/if we grow, and figure out what to do next.
Remember that even 5 years in 'technology time' is a significant span (that's like 5 whole new iPhone models away).
Now, those who are against this idea note that it's the 'deflationary' part of the currency that helps it have, maintain and grow value over time. It helps make it a reliable store of wealth. There will only ever be 21 Million Bitcoins. If 1 Million are lost, there will only ever be 20 Million Bitcoins. Etc.
Once we start adding Dogecoins beyond the planned 100 Billion, those new coins start to push down the value of the coins you have. Meaning, slowly, over time, the buying power -- how much you can 'buy' for $1, for example, decreases.
Now, for those of us who've taken up Dogecoin as a common currency, with the idea that it will be great for small, day-to-day transactions -- tipping friends, thanking artists, buying music tracks or armor for your 'toon, stuff like that -- it won't have a HUGE impact on us. But for people who bought into Dogecoin as an investment, as a store of wealth, with the idea of amassing a large number of coins, sitting on them until they become worth a significant amount, this is a problem.
But, to be fair, it's the same problem that those rich in USD are facing as well. (Granted, as a counterpoint, those that bought in were probably doing that to avoid exactly those sorts of issues).
Luckily, because our devs control the currency they have the ability to be much more agile than much larger, more lumbering economies. And, if you read that linked conversation above, you'll realize that there's a lot of fantastic, passionate minds putting real thought into this problem, they truly care about figuring out the best balance for all of us.
One possible solution, which would allow for us to possibly maintain the 'deflationary' nature of the currency is to, over time, as more and more coins get mined, move the running of the network over to the QT wallet. So that each user of the currency also becomes a node, helping to keep the whole network running. There's a ton of technical hurdles to pulling that off, and it'd be difficult, but it's one -- of many -- possibilities.
The benefit of making the coin Inflationary, over a long stretch of time, is that it helps keep Doge... humble. It means that our coin will, most likely, never be worth thousands or hundreds (or possibly even $1) each -- depending on adoption, the DOGEconomy, etc -- but it will mean that our DOGEs stay perfect as your nickles and quarters sort of thing (which is still a massive increase from current valuation).
As a community, as the people who've taken up the coin as our own, we should work towards a solution the benefits us all. Those who believed in DOGE from the beginning (you know, 7 weeks ago), who had foresight and treated DOGE as an investment, deserve to be rewarded for their faith (DOGE could've just as easily gone the other way and they would've lost it all).
I hope we can all remember that many of our 'rich shibes' are active, contributing members of our community who were lured here by the same principles of friendship and kindness, compassion and camaraderie that brought the rest of us.
There's room for all of us to have fun and play... and profit too.
And that's why I think that the more minds on the problem, the better. How would you like to see your coin grow over time? What do you hope the future of Dogecoin looks like?
How can we make sure our Dogecoins live on for future generations to enjoy?
It's a complex question and there are good people working on the solution. Right now the plan seems to be to wait and see how the Halving goes. How it effects our currency, and where we go from there. But keep on thinking, keep on dreaming.
Because we're all strapped in together and the moon is thattaway.
We'll get there, my friends.
It's 8:45AM EST and we're at 40.14% of DOGEs found. Our Global Hashrate is rising slightly from ~90 to ~91 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is holding steady at around ~1269.
The Halving is officially 2 weeks away, today.
Also, this is your 2 week Valentines Day warning for those of you who might've forgotten. Hint: Nothing says love like a new Mining Rig :D)
As always, I appreciate your support!
EDIT: For those 'worried':
It's a coin that was created as a 'joke', how much long-term planning were you expecting people to put into it?
No one expected it to blow up like it did.
Hindsight is 20/20 -- and there's still lots of time to work out a solution, together.
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Ethereum Enterprise Alliance Live Updates MegaThread

Welcome to the MegaThread for the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance! The live stream will begin at 9:00 am EST or 14:00 UTC.
Use this thread as a forum for discussion, announcements, and conversation regarding the live stream. It will serve as a handy place for people to both read updates, as well as discuss them.
I will be updating the main thread with updates as they happen and the time they happened. Please bear with me. Feel free to add a comment with any updates that I miss. Thank you to flowcrypt for concurrent updates.
Please see flowcrypt comment below for summary. I will post the summary here at the conclusion of the event.
Jeremy Millar (EEA Board Member)
In the longterm, the only difference between a public or private blockchain would be comparable to a firewall configuration
Andrew Keys (ConsenSys)
Let's work together and build great things!
Joe Lubin (ConsenSys)
We launched Ethereum before there was an ecosystem. It felt like we were building the Xbox without any games.
Marles Gray (Microsoft)
This is the tip of the iceberg.
Sandra Ro (CME, derivatives exchange)
We need to collaborate more, not less.
Matt Spooke
There is a need for these different perspectives. We need each other.
Amber Baldet (Moderator, JP Morgan):
There is a long way to go. Having access to the people of the core technical community, is crucial for this.
Tyrone Lobban (JP Morgan) - talking about Quorum
Privacy with data integrity
Quorum demo (JP Morgan, Santander, Microsoft)
Demonstrating private transactions between banks
Bob Summerwill (ConsenSys, Lead Architect)
Build roadmap to EntEth 2.0 in 2017
Ethan Buchman (Tendermint)
Standard ethereum needs tweaks to work in an enterprise setting
John Whelan (Santander)
We want to take the cool things we are doing in the lab, into production.
Shahan Khatchadourian (ConsenSys, Lead Architect)
Privacy is a key component (for legal and regulatory compliancy)
Yorke Rhodes (Microsoft)
The last two years have been really interesting
Julio Faura Enriquez (Banco Santander):
We first tried to modify stock Ethereum (by reducing difficulty and gas price) but ran into roadblocks. Then, we switched to Quorum and joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.
Vivek Kohli (BNY Mellon)
The technology is driving collaboration
Toon Leijtens (ING, Dutch Bank)
Patrick Schmidt (Insurance industry)
The insurance industry is looking for ways to reduce costs.
Ramesh Babu
The planned schedule is as follows:
Time Event
08:00 Registration & Breakfast
09:00 Introduction to Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Jeremy Millar, Founding Board Member, EEA
10:00 Introduction to Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Vitalik Buterin, Inventor & Chief Scientist, Ethereum Foundation
10:30 EEA: AMA (Ask Me Anything)
Vitalik Buterin, Inventor & Chief Scientist, Ethereum Foundation
Andrew Keys, Global Head of Business Development, ConsenSys
Jeremy Millar, Founding Board Member, EEA
11:00 Panel: Enterprise Ethereum Alliance - Launch Member Perspective
Moderator: Amber Baldet, Blockchain Program Lead, J.P. Morgan
Marley Gray, Blockchain Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
Joe Lubin, Founder & CEO, ConsenSys
Sandra Ro, Head of Digitization, CME
Matthew Spoke, CEO, Nuco
David Treat, Blockchain Lead, Accenture
12:00 Lunch
01:00 Demonstrations: Ethereum in Action - Financial Applications
Tyrone Lobban & Samer Falah, Blockchain Center of Excellence, J.P. Morgan
John Whelan, Director of Innovation, Santander
01:20 Panel: Ethereum for Finance
Moderator: Lex Sokolin, Global Director of FinTech Strategy, Autonomous Research
Ramesh Babu, Blockchain Practice Head, Wipro
Julio Faura Enriquez, Head of R&D, Innovation Division, Santander
Vivek Kohli, Director, Treasury Services Emerging Payments Technology Head, BNY Mellon
Toon Leijtens, Senior Architect & Developer, ING
Elizabeth Polanco Aquino, Blockchain Center of Excellence, J.P. Morgan
Patrick Schmid, AVP Enterprise Research, The Institutes
02:00 Presentation: EEA Technical Roadmap
Shahan Khatchadourian & Bob Summerwill, Lead Architects, ConsenSys
02:20 Panel: Why We’re Doing What We’re Doing with Ent.Eth 1.0
Moderator: Yorke Rhodes, Blockchain Business Strategist, Microsoft
Heiko Hees, CEO & Co-Founder, BrainBot
Shahan Khatchadourian, Lead Architect, ConsenSys
Bob Summerwill, Lead Architect, ConsenSys
John Whelan, Director of Innovation, Santander
03:00 Panel: How Startups Can Help Ent.Eth 1.0
Moderator: Yorke Rhodes, Blockchain Business Strategist, Microsoft
Phil Daian, Researcher, IC3
Kieren James-Lubin, CPO & Co-Founder, BlockApps
Jan Scheufen, Head of Product, Monax
Eran Tromer, Founding Scientist, Zcash
Dominic Williams, President & CTO, String Labs
03:40 Coffee Break
04:00 Demonstration: Ethereum for Industry Today
Maksym Petkus, Blockchain Engineer, Chronicled
04:15 Panel: Ethereum for Industry
Moderator: Andrew Keys, Global Head of Business Development, ConsenSys
Dan Doles, CEO, Mojix
Jared Harwayne-Gidansky, Deputy Global Head of Emerging Business & Technology, BNY Mellon
Maksym Petkus, Blockchain Engineer, Chronicled
Subhankar Sinha, Director, PwC
David Sutter, COO, Hijro
04:50 Thank You and Call to Action
Jeremy Millar, Founding Board Member, EEA
05:00 Reception
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[USA] [H] amiibo (Wii U, Switch), games and consoles (Wii U, PSX, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP) [W] Bitcoin / PayPal

Hey everyone! Thanks for reviewing my post!
Game System Sale Price Condition
Kirby King Dedede amiibo $11 BNIB sold to Huarbolo
Kirby Metaknight amiibo $11 BNIB sold to Huarbolo
Kirby Waddle Dee amiibo $11 BNIB
LoZ BotW Link Archer amiibo $14 Used sold to wildrams14
SMB Daisy amiibo $11 BNIB
SMB Waluigi amiibo $11 BNIB
SSB Dr. Mario amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Lucario (EU) amiibo $8 New
SSB Lucina amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Lucina amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Meta Knight amiibo $25 BNIB
SSB Ness (EU) amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Palutena amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Pit amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Rosalina (EU) amiibo $13 BNIB sold to wildrams14
SSB Ryu amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Samus amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Sheik amiibo $40 Used
SSB Yoshi amiibo $8 New sold to aleandrus24
YWW Green Yarn Yoshi amiibo $16 BNIB
Game System Sale Price Condition
Rare Replay $10 CIB
Game System Sale Price Condition
8 Eyes $5 Used
Baseball $1 Used
Dragon Spirit $6 Used
Kirby's Adventure $15 Used sold to BVassy24
NES Open $6 Used
Ninja Gaiden II The Dark Sword of Chaos $3 Used
Street Fighter 2010 The Final Fight $5 Used w/Manual
Tiny Toon Adventures Cartoon Workshop $10 Used
Ultima Exodus $6 Used
Battletoads / Double Dragon $15 Used sold to BVassy24
Judge Dredd $6 Used
Mortal Kombat II $12 Used
NBA Jam $8 Used
Spiderman Maximum Carnage $20 Used
Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island $20 Used sold to anthonyg45157
Super Famicom Mini (JP) $110 BNIB
Boktai (Japanese) $75 BNIB
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat $10 CIB
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess $30 CIB sold to BVassy24
New Super Mario Bros U $35 BNIB
Game System Sale Price Condition
Chocobo Racing $35 CIB
Chrono Cross $20 CIB
Resident Evil 2 $15 CIB
Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater $20 BNIB
Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence Limited Edition $200 BNIB
Silent Hill 2 $25 CIB
Silent Hill 3 $25 CIB
Silent Hill 4 The Room $25 CIB
Silent Hill Origins $40 BNIB
PS3 60GB CECHA01 3.55 Firmware $120 Used
EyePet & Friends $5 CIB
God of War 3 Ultimate Edition $40 CIB
Metal Gear Ac!d $40 BNIB
Metal Gear Ac!d 2 $40 BNIB
Resident Evil 1 UMD $5 CIB
Resident Evil Apocalypse UMD $5 CIB
Silent Hill Experience $10 CIB
Silent Hill Origins $10 CIB
3.65 Playstation TV $30 Used
PS4 Pro 1TB $330 CIB
Game System Sale Price Condition
Gold Wireless Stereo Headset 20th Anniverary Any $50 CIB (see description)
Gold Wireless Stereo Headset Black Any $30 CIB (see description)
Gold Wireless Stereo Headset Uncharted Any $80 BNIB
2 4GB PC-10600 laptop RAM PC $30 Used
AT&T iPhone 4S 16GB on 7.0.4 jailbroken Apple $25 Used (w/ box)
AT&T iPhone 4 32GB on 7.1.2 jailbroken Apple $25 Used (w/ box) sold to Scribbles707
AT&T iPhone 3GS 16GB on 6.1 jailbroken Apple $15 Used
Game System Sale Price Condition
Bitcoin N/A Any N/A
PayPal N/A Any N/A
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Log of AMA with SALTLENDING - @caleb_salt (Caleb), @shawnsalt (Shawn), @gregg_salt (Gregg), @blake_salt (Blake), and @ben_salt (Ben) - shortened from slack chat

boldninja Let us all give a warm welcome to @caleb_salt (Caleb), @shawnsalt (Shawn), @gregg_salt (Gregg), @blake_salt (Blake), and @ben_salt (Ben) from . AMA can begin so please feel free to ask them questions, but give them some time to respond.
dengson Hello is the team still planning on the $10 ico price ?
blake_salt Our discounted membership sale will have several tiers, leading up to our initial $10 retail price.
dr10 How would you - shortly & in easy words - sum-up the advantages of Salt to magazines and non-crypto people?
caleb_salt @dr10 The advantage is that instead of selling your assets, you can leverage as collateral. This means you get money to spend but don’t trigger capital gains tax, don’t pay exchange fees, and get to benefit from the future appreciation of your asset. The reason you would want to leverage your blockchain assets instead of selling is similar to why you would want to take a home equity loan instead of selling your house.
crypt0whale If membership price is $10, and at this moment in time you can still buy at $1.50 , what happens when the exchanges trade SALT below $10 or above $10?
shawnsalt We will be actively looking to to buy back assess tokens that we can then resell. If the market sells low we will be looking to buy them back.
dr10 What are the references of you and your team members? On what projects did you all work before?
ben_salt @dr10 All our bios can be found here:
dengson Do you think it's risky to not perform credit checks ?
blake_salt @dengson the loans will be fully collateralized, along with full AML/KYC
cannabanana where are you going to be headquartered at?
blake_salt @cannabanana We are located in Denver, Colorado, buthave subsidiaries in several other countries.
dr10 What gives SALT its value? What can I do with it?
ben_salt @dr10 SALT Membership Tokens or SALT Platform? They have different but interrelated use cases
tranzer What will be the rates to get some loans? What if you are not able to pay it back does your crypto get liquidated and at what rate (when you got out the loan or when you can't pay anymore? )
gregg_salt @tranzer Rates are determined by our lenders in a competitive market environment, based on the available pool of liquidity. As is the case in all credit markets, rates change and are subject to terms, conditions and SALT suitability, as well as KYC and AML screening. If a borrower is unable to repay their loan, then their collateral is partially liquidated to repay the lender. The price of liquidation is based on the market at that time.
crowseye Can you tell us how much of the 120 mil SALT percentage wise will be in circulation on the market after the sales are complete?
shawnsalt It is difficult to say exactly but we are retaining 45,500 for retail sales later. We plan to allow for SALT to be leveraged for loans as an asset and have a rewards program that will lock up a larger amount into contracts. I would be speculating if I said how many will be on the market after distribution, but we will be focused on signing up as many loans and allowing for as many SALT to be spend off the market as possible to drive the demand up.
tranzer Are you going to stop accepting BTC now cause of segwit and all and just accept ETH for few days before and after 1st of August? How long will whole ICO campaign last?
blake_salt @tranzer We have suspended BTC but will be accepting ETH. The discounted sale will run through all tiers leading to the $10 level.
looperstar You have Erik as board director, is there any plans to connect salt with prism?
caleb_salt @looperstar we’ve built our platform to leverage any blockchain asset. while we have a close relationship with the shapeshift team and are actively pursuing partnership opportunities.
toons How will you review security of your solidity contracts ? Will they be publicly available ? (edited
blake_salt @toons We will have both internal audits as well as external performed by Spirenet.
randomtask Say I get a $10,000 loan.. The collateral I put up in Crypto begins to lose value.. What happens next? Is the amount put up for collateral adjusted? Does liquidation occur at some point?
gregg_salt @randomtask A borrower has options. They can pay down the loan, post additional collateral or do nothing and a portion of their collateral is liquidated to repay the lender and the loan continues.
dr10 As I have read on your Website, I can register with 1 Salt and have access to 10.000$ for 3-24 months. If I lock in enough crypto-money and get out I can take a loan of maximum 10.000 Dollars. If I repay these 10.000 Dollars within the first 6 months – Do I still have access to 10.000 Dollars in the remaining 18 months? Or does the access too 10.000$ gets reduce each time? When do I need to register with another 1 SALT?
ben_salt @dr10 the SALT Tokens give users access to different sizes of loans within the platform and can be used to pay down a portion of the interest on a particular loan.
crypt0whale Is there a sneak peak to the actual platform or portal itself? Everything sounds great about SALT, but is there something we can see?
caleb_salt @crypt0whale we will be releasing screen shots of the UI soon.
tranzer Will SALT token holders be able to lend their SALT tokens and receive % of loaning rates as well?
blake_salt @tranzer Our first product is BTC backed US Dollar loans, but it is possible that in the future one will be able to lend or borrow against SALT.
dr10 What are the references of you and your team members? On what projects did you all work before?
shawnsalt I have been involved with Bitcoin since 2010. I operated the fist restaurant/ bar brick and mortar to accept Bitcoin for purchases since 2012 in Colorado. I help run the monthly Bitcoin/crypto meetups here in Denver since 2012. I was originally working on consulting and entertaining several projects before ultimately going full time to start SALT. My background is in business ownership and management with a passion for technology and finance.
dengson For tier 3 and above what will be the amount of capital to be targeted until the $10 range ?
shawnsalt Basically its cost of capital of $10 per $10,000 needed. There are scales of economy that change with very large capital needs such as additional security and risk mitigation attention along with a higher tier of customer support. Ultimately we will be valuing the cost of running the lending network in terms of access in SALT. The model is designed to simplify our revenue model.
crypt0whale If I have $500,000 in my bank account and I come to SALT to put it up as collateral do I determine what margin I get on my cash ?
shawnsalt Currently we are not using Cash as collateral although we do plan on this in future versions. You can either use the cash as a lender to loan out, or you can access borrowing.
thadstrike Hi. It seems that Salt Lending would be just as great an idea without needing to mint a new SALT Membership Token. Why not just charge an annual membership fee for access to Salt Lending that is payable in an existing digital asset? Thank you.
ben_salt @thadstrike The Membership Token allows for unprecedented levels of transparency, audit ability and transferability. Using an existing asset does not allow us to do many of the things we are developing.
tranzer Are you in the talks with any of the exchanges to list SALT on? WIll you convert BTC holdings you get in your token sale to FIAT? Are you going to put any buy walls at some marketprice so it won't dip below that (for instance at $2)
gregg_salt @tranzer We can not comment on exchanges.
arkvader What is your upper limit on the amount you will lend?
blake_salt Ultimately there will be no limit.
deedle But when SALT ultimately accepts SALT as collateral, you could buy $500k in SALT and use that SALT as your collateral as a loan, right?
caleb_salt Correct, as long as the asset is on a blockchain it can be leveraged- there are exceptions for assets that lack the needed liquidity or market cap.
dengson How many salts were released in tier
shawnsalt We are not exactly sure and are currently working on an audit by a third party. This tier was very fast and short at $0.25 designed for the first testers to help us build the site before we had a user interface. The discount has been designed all along to compensate for people who have helped us work through all bugs and issues as fans. The closer we get to releasing the MVP for use this year the less we will discount.
tranzer can price for salt membership change? Like what if salt token gets to $50 per token?
blake_salt Yes the price can change. SALT will always be available directly from us at or slightly above whatever the market price is.
blake_salt Providing that we have available inventory.
dr10 Can I take 50x20 Dollar loans? With each membership paying 1 Salt.
caleb_salt you could take multiple loans, but you would only need one membership so long as the total value of all the loans doesn’t exceed $10k. For more than $10k, you would need more memberships.
deedle That's correct. But when the market price is $10 or greater, people will buy directly from SALT for simplicity. And it will be sold slightly higher than $10 on SALT Lending's site. @crypt0whale
shawnsalt Exchanges will list how they want to. We become just one more buyer and seller except that we will always sell above market and have an incentive to by if prices drop below ours.
bessa why the name salt?
gregg_salt @bessa The SALT name is meaningful to us because it hearkens back to the time in history when table salt gained use as a store of value, becoming one of humanity's first monies. By utilizing salt as a medium of exchange for food, clothing, and other general provisions, it was salt which broke the mold of what a currency could be - there was no longer need for intrinsic value, now value was just an abstraction. SALT is also the name given to our programmed loan smart contracts as an acronym for Secured Automated Lending Technology (SALT).
shawnsalt Secured. Automated Lending Technology is our tech company. Also, because salt tastes good. And it was the first historically used money that was a commodity money, store of value, and used good. It's granular nature and mold breaking historical reference was analogous to Bitcoin at the time with how hard it was for us to get lawyers to understand it.
dr10 So if there are investors with interest rates, how does Salt maximize their gains? Do you focus on 'taking a small part of the interest rates' or in raising the price of 1 Salt Membership Token?
gregg_salt @dr10 if you want to exceed the 10k minimum, you would need to redeem 30 salt and move to the next membership tier.
tranzer Will SALT tokens be burned (those used for membership or anything else)?
caleb_salt no, redeemed SALT Memberships will be held and resold.
bessa Why do you guys do a sale divided in 3 tiers?
shawnsalt Three tiers is an easy way to describe a low, medium, and high use case. Ultimately it is much more granular.
bessa Why do you guys do a sale divided in 3 tiers?
shawnsalt Three tiers is an easy way to describe a low, medium, and high use case. Ultimately it is much more granular.
blake_salt We have had several tiers to incentivize the community to help us build this thing. The closer we get to launch, the less we need to discount our product.
dr10 So if there are investors with interest rates, how does Salt maximize their gains? Do you focus on 'taking a small part of the interest rates' or in raising the price of 1 Salt Membership Token?
gregg_salt @dr10 SALT Lending is not a lender. We do not take economic interest in the loans underwritten via the platform. A separate funding entity may participate along side other lenders.
djselery to bad the btc is frozen right now. i dont trust eth
shawnsalt We have Shape Shift integrated also so you can convert. we plan to have BTC back soon when the network looks to be over the forking conversation.
dr10 @gregg_salt so you only focus on gaining money by having high prices on membership tokens or any other possible incomes?
gregg_salt @dr10 Typically, conventional loans are accompanied by a myriad of itemized fees such as upfront origination fees, which can exceed 5% of the loan balance, and monthly servicing fees that are paid by the borrower on top of the monthly payments to the lender. SALT has opted for a simple model where fees charged to borrowers are rolled into an annual Membership to promote transparency and fairness.
dr10 If I have official qualifications for credit institutes (in germany called SCHUFA), that I am highly relyable in paying back my loans, does this effect the interest rates or anything else in my Salt Loans? Can I have even better lending terms?
caleb_salt It doesn’t effect your interest rates- our platform is for asset backed lending, not credit based. Because blockchain assets are fungible, a borrower’s credit doesn’t have an impact on the loan’s collateralization.
bessa Does SALT hire new people for their team?
gregg_salt @bessa yes. we are actively looking for talented people.
deedle in #trading_altcoins Is there a chance the public sale will have one standard rate? That might make the most sense as those that try and enter the public sale and get pushed out of the first tier rate are likely to be very upset and have potential to smear the brand.
blake_salt We will have several tiers and there are bound to be individuals who are disappointed to have missed a given tier. However, our main focus is providing our customers with an outstanding product and excellent service.
crypt0whale I understand you guys are not allowed to talk much about the exchanges, but have you guys made efforts to present SALT to any exchanges yet and is there any positive feedback that any exchanges are interested in your token?
shawnsalt We have had many exchanges and people related talk to us. to be very specific, the reason we are not talking about exchanges is two fold. 1. This is advised against from legal counsel as SALT is a consumptive use case and should not be sold as an investment. 2. it is not our business to talk about what other businesses are doing. What I can tell you is that we have confirmation of being integrated into the Exodus wallet, and the Jaxx wallet. These are both partnered with Shape Shift. I hope that helps.
kisil when will you release the whitepaper ?
shawnsalt As soon as it is back to us from legal counsel review. Currently we are waiting for review. Anything that will be discussed here will be for general information and will all be covered in the white paper.
kisil will the public ico take place before end of august ?
caleb_salt We are hopeful that the public will be completed before the end of august.
dr10 If I alway pay back my Loans just-in-time. Will there be a feature in the future, that I get better interest rates, because I am a good boy?
shawnsalt Yes. we have a rewards program for all SALT holders that incentives a number of positive behaviors. This would we one of those good behaviors.
eongaban What is the SALT hardware wallet and what assets will it be able to hold?
blake_salt The list of tokens will be constantly growing. If the collateral loses value, a margin call will be made or a portion of the collateral will be liquidated to maintain the LTV. The hardware wallets are Keepkey and Ledger, and will be able to hold SALT and 2fa
tranzer So salt tokens will be issused on the ethereum blockchain correct?
shawnsalt Yes. we would like to migrate to Root Stock if their project is successful but for the time being it will be ethereum.
dr10 What are your marketing approaches. How do you want to get known and conquer crypto-space?
caleb_salt We have an ambitious marketing strategy that will incorporate referrals, paid advertisements, community engagement, and multi-media productions (including a video from you :)
kisil trezor will also work right ?
shawnsalt Yes, but we have not partnered or worked with them yet. We would like to integrate with all respectable Hardware wallet providers.
leongaban How are funds released to the user, direct deposit into Bank account?
shawnsalt Yes. through linked bank accounts.
demtri In which countries will Salt loans be available to?
blake_salt We are working on making our platform available to borrowers and lenders worldwide.
dr10 Can you give a short list of future-features that the Salt Platform will or want to provide?
caleb_salt I can mention one. We will be adding the ability to leverage crypto to spend another crypto.
thrice.pi Realistically what happens if enough fish dont bite SALTS line for a long period of time.. How will you be able to buy up coins for extended periods of time and fund your network. Is there a back up solution in case of this worst case scenario?
shawnsalt We are not going to be selling any of the BTC or ETH collected. We are instead going to be borrowing against it as collateral to prove our model. This gives us a major advantage as we only need a few Million dollars at any point in time for build out. Also, on top of borrowing cash to grow the business, we are going to be raising money in an equity raise and will stay well capitalized. We have many more products coming down the pipe line to build that will cost cash and add value to the network.
tranzer What will be the minimum requirement for other cryptos to be leveraged? Will you add ark in your platform?
gregg_salt @tranzer New asset on boarding is based on demand.
dr10 Will you use Ark as a platform aswell? It hasn't bad performances as Ethereum. Just saying. :minglee:
shawnsalt Willing to look into this for sure.
leongaban For the 100k plan, currently it's 30 SALT, which at $10 will be $300, if SALT goes up to $30, will the amount of SALT needed to reach Premier be reduced?
blake_salt Ultimately we will achieve an equilibrium in terms of the cost of membership.
kisil can i leverage my rare pepes ?
gregg_salt @kisil if they are recorded on a blockchain.
mward when will the ico resume?
shawnsalt No. we are waiting until we have fully verified the security audit of our Ethereum architecture. We will blast out to all of our channels before it goes back online so everyone will be prepared.
donkeydick Will it be a certain amount a month?
shawnsalt There is no program that we will commit to on this. There is a separate entity in our organization that is positioned to buy these back when it makes sense for us. Mostly as a price stabilize and for us to retain for later.
dr10 Ok, a direct question here. If someone says that having 1000 SALT is unneccessary because you can easily borrow 10.000$ for 1 Salt. How do you respond to that. Why is it still a good investment?
blake_salt SALT is not an investment. It afford access to our platform.
dr10 yeah but people will participate in your Crowdsale. Why should they not just wait for a later time? (edited)
leongaban You could resell em
blake_salt Anyone planning on taking a loan will not have an opportunity to purchase membership at a cheaper rate than right now.
blake_salt One can also use SALT to lower their interest rate.
tranzer If someone is holding for say 10,000 SALT on your platform (maybe "locked") will he get any rewards for it for not selling on exchanges?
shawnsalt This is a program that we are focused on but have not put out any official details about. I love the idea as a hybrid form of staking on the platform.
crypt0whale If SALT is not an investment and it simply offers access to your platform what are your top 3-5 reasons to explain that there will truly be a demand to be someone to own SALT outside of putting up your crypto as collateral for a loan?
ben_salt The reason that people want to own SALT is tied to the fact that they can lower their cost of borrowing over the long term. Think of our membership in terms of a loan origination fee, one that early adopters are paying in advance.
thadstrike @blake_salt said earlier that the SALT Membership Tokens are "primarily used to access our platform" presumably only as a "member." If I plan on becoming a "Premier" member for 30 SALT Membership Tokens per year, what value would there be in purchasing more than 30 or 60 tokens (1 or 2 years worth of membership) during the crowdsale apart from just getting a discounted future membership and helping Salt Lending raise money? If an ever-increasing membership fee is the only thing adding value to the SALT Membership Tokens (i.e. 1 token = at least USD10), the membership fee cannot increase beyond the price members are willing to pay? How does a membership token have more than USD10 worth of value over time, especially with up to 120 million (?) tokens minted? Thank you.
blake_salt We believe that the value of SALT will reflect the demand for leverage in the market. Because we do not charge origination fees, we expect that the price of SALT could reflect that. The initial $10 is very low.
shawnsalt Hey SALT fans, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us and get a better understanding of the project. We greatly appreciate your support and feedback helping us grow and strengthen the business.
gregg_salt Disclaimer: All communication within this Slack channel is provided for informational purposes only, and is subject to change. It is not an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments. The SALT Token is a consumptive use product permitting access to the services provided by the SALT Lending Platform, as detailed above. Terms and conditions apply. Subject to suitability, KYC, and AML screening. For more information, please visit
dr10 Will you work with "real-world"-financial sectoinstitutions?
shawnsalt Yes. we are building SALT to be licenses by financial institutions.
samj What if ones value or wallet decreases below the borrowed value? Is there any insurance to cover that loss?
caleb_salt our tech doesn’t allow the value of the collateral to drop below the value of the principal. It maintains the calibration of the loan to value ratio through maintenance calls and, if needed, liquidation of a portion of the collateral to protect the lender’s investment.
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[USA] [H] FFXV LE Console (PS4), amiibo (Wii U, Switch), games (NES, SNES, Wii U, PSX, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP) [W] Bitcoin / PayPal

Hey everyone! Thanks for reviewing my post!
Game System Sale Price Condition
Kirby King Dedede amiibo $11 BNIB
Kirby Metaknight amiibo $11 BNIB
Kirby Waddle Dee amiibo $11 BNIB
LoZ BotW Link Archer amiibo $14 Used
SMB Daisy amiibo $11 BNIB
SMB Waluigi amiibo $11 BNIB
SSB Dr. Mario amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Lucario (EU) amiibo $8 New
SSB Lucina amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Lucina amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Meta Knight amiibo $25 BNIB
SSB Ness (EU) amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Palutena amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Pit amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Rosalina (EU) amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Ryu amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Samus amiibo $13 BNIB
SSB Sheik amiibo $40 Used
SSB Yoshi amiibo $8 New
YWW Green Yarn Yoshi amiibo $16 BNIB
Game System Sale Price Condition
Silent Hill 2 Restless Dreams $10 CIB sold to Mak0t0Yuki
Rare Replay $10 CIB
Game System Sale Price Condition
8 Eyes $5 Used
Baseball $1 Used
Dragon Spirit $6 Used
Kirby's Adventure $15 Used
NES Open $6 Used
Ninja Gaiden II The Dark Sword of Chaos $3 Used
Street Fighter 2010 The Final Fight $5 Used w/Manual
Tiny Toon Adventures Cartoon Workshop $10 Used
Ultima Exodus $6 Used
Battletoads / Double Dragon $15 Used
Judge Dredd $6 Used
Mortal Kombat II $12 Used
NBA Jam $8 Used
Spiderman Maximum Carnage $20 Used
Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island $20 Used
Super Famicom Mini (JP) $110 BNIB
Boktai (Japanese) $75 BNIB
New Super Mario Bros U $35 BNIB
Game System Sale Price Condition
Chocobo Racing $35 CIB
Chrono Cross $20 CIB
Resident Evil 2 $15 CIB
Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater $20 BNIB
Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence Limited Edition $200 BNIB
Silent Hill 2 $25 CIB
Silent Hill 3 $25 CIB
Silent Hill 4 The Room $25 CIB
Silent Hill Origins $40 BNIB
PS3 60GB CECHA01 3.55 Firmware $120 Used
EyePet & Friends $5 CIB
God of War 3 Ultimate Edition $40 CIB
Metal Gear Ac!d $40 BNIB
Metal Gear Ac!d 2 $40 BNIB
Resident Evil 1 UMD $5 CIB
Resident Evil Apocalypse UMD $5 CIB
Silent Hill Experience $10 CIB
Silent Hill Origins $10 CIB
3.65 Playstation TV $30 Used
Dragon Age Inquisition $15 CIB
Final Fantasy XV LE Console $330 CIB
Game System Sale Price Condition
Gold Wireless Stereo Headset 20th Anniverary Any $50 CIB (see description)
Gold Wireless Stereo Headset Black Any $30 CIB (see description)
Gold Wireless Stereo Headset Uncharted Any $80 BNIB
2 4GB PC-10600 laptop RAM PC $30 Used
AT&T iPhone 4S 16GB on 7.0.4 jailbroken Apple $25 Used (w/ box)
AT&T iPhone 4 32GB on 7.1.2 jailbroken Apple $25 Used (w/ box)
AT&T iPhone 3GS 16GB on 6.1 jailbroken Apple $15 Used
Game System Sale Price Condition
Bitcoin N/A Any N/A
PayPal N/A Any N/A
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Selling 9 Year Old WoW Account!

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